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KCV's Kayla Meisner Wins KY Inno Fire Award

KCV Executive Director Kayla Meisner was recognized as a Blazer Winner in the Ecosystem Builder category in KY Inno's inaugural Fire Awards.

Kayla Meisner stands in front of a window, hands in pockets and smiling toward the camera.
Photo by Christopher Fryer, KY Inno

Meisner was selected among 25 finalists in the awards highlighting the people and organizations behind some of the biggest startup wins in Kentucky over the past year. The Ecosystem Builders category showcases the people working behind the scenes that are moving ecosystems forward and growing momentum for entrepreneurs.

For Meisner, moving ecosystems forward means "continuing to make connections, to build community, to build community around entrepreneurship and make people feel like they can be an entrepreneur. It doesn’t mean that you’re a CEO; it doesn’t mean you’re a startup founder; it doesn’t mean that you’re an inventor," she explained. "It means that you are an innovator, you are someone who pushes things forward who always seeks progress."

Read more about Kayla Meisner in the KY Inno Fire Awards profile.


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