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About KCV’s Commercialization Program

KCV's commercialization program is a dedicated resource for faculty, staff and students at partner universities and colleges that will help move great ideas and research to products on the market for public benefit.


The Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC) has partnered with the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, University of Kentucky, and the University of Louisville to lead the development of this statewide collaboration. 


Participating institutions in this technology transfer initiative include:


Commercialization flowchart

For questions about the commercialization process and how KCV can help you, email

Idea disclosure

When to disclose an idea to KCV:

  • Idea reduced to practice

  • Before discussing your idea with anyone unless under a confidentiality agreement 

  • Before public disclosure through paper or presentation

  • On a per-project opt-in basis​


The downloadable Idea Disclosure Form is for use by faculty, staff and students of KCV partner universities and colleges.

Other KCV services

  • Patent landscape search and assessment

  • Grant support

  • Education

  • Industry-sponsored research opportunities

  • Collaborative research

  • Subject matter expert matching

  • Statewide cooperation on new opportunities, such as the National Institutes of Health’s Research Evaluation and Commercialization Hub (REACH) grant award that will bring $6.6 million for early-stage health technology investments through the KYNETIC initiative. Learn more here.

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