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EKU's Gus Benson Shares AUTM Annual Meeting Experience

Benson poses outside at the AUTM Annual Meeting

KCV Champion at EKU, Gus Benson, attended the AUTM Annual Meeting in February 2023. KCV sponsored Benson's attendance through the KCV GOAL (Growth, Opportunity and Learning) Fund, which expands access to professional opportunities and resources for KCV partner institutions. Benson shared more about the experience below.

Was this your first experience at AUTM? Why did you want to attend?

Yes, this was my first experience. I wanted to attend because having just become the KCV Champion at EKU, I wanted to learn more about the basics of what technology mangers do to help innovators with their IP and to strengthen new relationships with the Kentucky network of technology professionals.

What is one takeaway from AUTM you plan to incorporate into your work?

Like all the other customer service roles I perform on campus, AUTM showed me how to be more attentive to our client’s needs when it comes to grants that have commercialization promise.

Was there anything that about AUTM that surprised you?

I was surprised at the amount of lawyers and business professionals that were there, as compared to who I thought would be the overwhelming majority of participants, University Tech Managers.

Why is it important for you to participate in conferences and professional opportunities such as AUTM?

Naturally, as a beginner to this field, it is very important to attend these types of events to gain knowledge, contacts and experience.

Would you recommend that others attend AUTM? Why?

I would definitely recommend that others attend AUTM as it is an association of excellent professionals driven by the desire to see innovators' ideas become marketable products that could benefit our society as a whole.

Is there anything else you want to share about your experience?

I cannot thank enough the folks from KCV, Kayla, Caroline, Jericho and Megan, for making me feel so welcome and providing guidance throughout the conference. Also, thanks to Terry Samuel from KSTC, who is always willing to share his vast knowledge and experience. And, finally to Ian McClure and all of the great folks on his team at UK that I was able to learn from during their various workshop sessions.

Do you have a professional opportunity you'd like to pursue?

Contact to learn more about the GOAL Fund.


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