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Meet the Interns: Maranda Russell

Headshot image of Maranda Russel standing in front of greenery, smiling

Two talented new interns have joined KCV – remotely, from around the state – and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Maranda Russell here.

Maranda Russell (she/her) is currently a joint JD/MBA student at Northern Kentucky University. Maranda also currently works in healthcare research and is part of the Lunsford Academy at NKU, which focuses on the intersection of law, business and technology. With her current studies, she hopes to focus on healthcare commercialization and help streamline the process of bringing healthcare innovations to market.

What got you interested in commercialization?

When I read the description for the healthcare commercialization program at Northern Kentucky University and the courses involved, I realized that it was exactly what I had been trying to accomplish by pursing an MBA and law degree.

What are you hoping to learn as part of the KCV internship?

I am hoping to learn the process of getting research into practice, especially in healthcare.

What’s your favorite aspect of the intern experience so far?

My favorite experience so far has been interacting with the KCV team.

What is a little-known fact about yourself?

Most people do not know that I can read three ancient languages.


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