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Q&A with KCV Innovation Fellowship Graduate Tina Judkins

Tina Judkins, a student at KCTCS, participated in the inaugural

KCV Innovation Fellowship cohort in spring 2022. Tina shares a bit more about her experience below.

Please briefly describe the idea you worked on as part of the KCV Fellowship program.

The idea I worked on is called Accuscan, which is a way to scan your fingertips using the camera on your smart device to check your iron levels.

Why did you decide to explore this idea?

I decided to explore this idea because low iron is something that I have struggled with since high school. Often times, I don’t realize how low my levels are until I go to the doctor’s office and have blood drawn. I want to be able to have a quicker and painless way to check my iron levels before they get critically low. There are millions of people who, like me, struggle with low iron. Being able to test to see if your iron levels are indeed low can save lives and help to improve lives.

How did the KCV Innovation Fellowship help you further develop your idea?

The KCV Innovation Fellowship helped with my idea by offering resources such as how to create a pitch deck to present my idea and how to patent my idea. After pitching our ideas, we received feedback on how to further grow our idea. We also received information on how to raise funding for our ideas.

Why do you think innovation is important for Kentucky's economy?

Innovation is important to Kentucky’s economy because it allows people with business ideas to stay here in Kentucky and grow their ideas or business right here — which then creates jobs and economic growth for the people who live and work here. Innovation helps states grow economically and programs like KCV give Kentucky innovators a toolkit on how to grow and pitch an idea. Going through the KCV Innovation Fellowship not only showed me how to grow my idea but also gave me the courage to simply try.

Was there anything in particular that you learned or explored as part of the program that you are excited to implement in the future?

Yes, how to patent an idea and raise funding to get the idea up and going.

What would you say to a friend or colleague that might be interested in applying for the KCV Innovation Fellowship?

I would tell them to go for it! You will gain so much knowledge that can help you grow any idea you have. The mentors and program managers are truly dedicated to helping you through the process. You get to hear from some great speakers and make some important connections as you go through the program. Apply and get ready for an amazing experience!


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