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The KCV Intern Application Deadline has passed. We will reopen applications in the Fall. Please reach out to for more information.

Job Description


Kentucky Commercialization Ventures (KCV) is a public-private partnership that unites Kentucky’s higher education centers to extend access to commercialization and intellectual property support. KCV is led by the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC) and partners with the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, the University of Kentucky, and the University of Louisville. In addition to the technology transfer services provided to 22 public universities and community and technical colleges in Kentucky, KCV is home to the statewide Kentucky Intellectual Property Alliance (KYIPA) and legal support collaborations for startups. 


KCV is seeking students to join our growing team. As a KCV Intern, you will be provided with a unique educational opportunity and experience that will give you a valuable introduction to the fields of intellectual property, technology commercialization, business development, marketing, and transactional law. Via our experiential learning program, you will be better positioned for obtaining careers in business, entrepreneurship, or intellectual property law. Furthermore, the program will increase your network and build up your skills in communication. Many institutions that offer intern programs find that afterwards, their interns are hired into exciting roles in academia, industry, and government. The development and role for KCV interns will be tailored to the experience level and professional interest of the selected candidate(s). KCV interns will have access to and network with nationally recognized leaders in innovation and commercialization, in addition to ongoing mentorship from KCV staff throughout their appointment.


KCV Interns will:

1) Support outreach and engagement at/with KCV partner institutions, under direction of the KCV team. This function may include but is not limited to supporting the KCV team to:

  • Prepare for, attend, and possibly speak at various Kentucky campuses to support engagement and education for potential innovators on topics related to intellectual property, entrepreneurship, and commercialization

  • Assist in programming and development for innovation days, poster sessions, and other related events in which Kentucky student, faculty, and/or staff work is highlighted

  • Conduct research on the KCV partner institutions to streamline opportunities for the KCV team to engage with and/or better serve its partner campus communities

KCV interns may be requested to participate in virtual or in-person campus events, such as faculty seminars, student presentations, and other events as time and resources allow.

2) Participate in educational opportunities to grow knowledge and understanding of intellectual property, commercialization, entrepreneurship, and other aspects of technology transfer/knowledge exchange, including but not limited to:

  • Webinars, watercoolers, conferences

  • Programs from Kentucky entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) e.g., KCV Fellows, UAccel, LaunchIt, SoCap Accelerate, KY Innovation hubs, other KSTC program(s), and other Kentucky ecosystem programs or events

  • Collaborations and consultations with community partners and other KCV programs


3) Assist in commercialization and intellectual property protection efforts of the KCV team. This function may include but is not limited to supporting the KCV team to:

  • Triage disclosures (specifically, investigating the intellectual property landscape, assessing market opportunity of a new idea, and helping develop timelines for commercialization)

  • Develop marketing materials and strategies appropriate to the Selected Idea, to include written report summaries, slide decks, one-pagers and other material as needed by KCV team

  • Engage, as appropriate, in meetings with innovators, law firms, potential partners, mentors, etc. to provide feedback on technology assessment findings and support KCV team in commercialization

  • Identify funding opportunities that match the Selected Idea/innovator interest areas

  • Support start-ups as needed on their path to commercialization success

  • Assist in KCV legal efforts to support connections between KY Partner Institution innovators and outside parties

  • Review, provide feedback on, and gather data and content for grant opportunities for KCV and Partner Institutions

This is a great opportunity for a student to gain insight into a rapidly growing profession that supports individuals with an interdisciplinary curiosity of science, entrepreneurship, and the law.


This position is slated for 10 hours per week. This position will work independently from their home institution while reporting to leadership in Louisville. KCV expects a one-year commitment to the program, which may be renewed by KCV team, if in agreement with student that there is value to continue the internship. Salary for the role will start at $16/hr.


For more information, please visit or contact Megan Aanstoos, Licensing & New Ventures Manager, at



All applicants must be a current student enrolled in any Kentucky Public Higher Education Institution. Preferred candidates will be seeking a post-baccalaureate degree in a STEM, business or law field, though undergraduate students with at least 90 hours toward a bachelor’s degree in a related field will be considered. Preferred candidates will also be attending one of KCV’s partner institutions (EKU, NKU, WKU, Morehead, Murray, KSU, KCTCS). Additional qualifications include a demonstrated interest and/or experience in intellectual property protection, startup creation, or transactional law.


Equal Employment Opportunity

The University of Louisville is committed to and will provide equality of educational and employment opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, age, color, national origin, ethnicity, creed, religion, diversity of thought, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, marital status, pregnancy, or veteran status – except where sex, age, or ability represent bona fide educational or employment qualifications or where marital or veteran status are statutorily defined eligibility criteria for Federal or State benefit programs.  Further, the university seeks to promote campus diversity by enrolling and employing a larger number of minorities and women where these groups have historically been and continue to be under-represented within the university in relation to availability and may extend preference in initial employment to such individuals among substantially equally qualified candidates, as well as to veterans.


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