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Meet the Interns: Lindsay Dunn

Image of Lindsay Dunn smiling in office setting

Two talented new interns have joined KCV – remotely, from around the state – and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Lindsay Dunn here.

Lindsay Dunn (she/her) is currently a student at Northern Kentucky University’s Chase College of Law. Lindsay has a 15-year career as a laboratry scientist and has studied immunology at the graduate level. With her current studies, she hopes to go into Intellectual Property Law and work with small biotech companies and startups.

What got you interested in commercialization?

I am interested in the innovation and entrepreneurship process. While not having any inventions of my own yet, I would enjoy the opportunity of being able to work with those who are already in the process.

What are you hoping to learn as part of the KCV internship?

I am excited about getting to work with inventors, especially newer ones, and help them with their IP rights. Also, I am currently taking both patent law and IP law in law school. Only a couple weeks in and I am already able to directly apply concepts I learn in class to my work through the internship.

What’s your favorite aspect of the intern experience so far?

Researching and learning about different technologies and innovations.

What is a little-known fact about yourself?

In high school I took art classes instead of study hall to relax from academic classes. Because of this, most of the artwork in my house is self-made.


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