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Overview of the Time to Market (TTM) Commercialization Process

Focus on the Market Attack Plan (MAP) and Technology Readiness Criteria (TRLs)

When: August 28, 8:30 a.m. ET / 7:30 a.m. CT

The Time to Market (TTM) process is an empowering framework of action that brings together industry best practices while encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship to a variety of value-added business models. The focus of this introductory webinar is best practices for two key phases of the TTM - ‘front-end’ of the process (defining the technology commercialization ecosystem and developing a market attack plan using I-Corps-like principles) and on the ‘engine’ of the TTM process, technology readiness/maturity (TRLs criteria for Proof of Concept).

From this overview, participants will be exposed to the benefits of the TTM process and be positioned to apply for I-Corps and Technology Development funding programs. Tools for the MAP and TRLs will be provided. The presentation slides will be available for distribution after the webinar.


  • Dive into the TTM process, MAP, and Technology Commercialization Ecosystem

  • Uncover Technology Maturity best practices & tools

  • Snapshot of Design, Manufacturing, and Go-to-Market phases

  • Introduction to the Ecosystem Commercialization Partnership Model


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