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Meet the Interns: Aaron Osborne

A talented new intern has joined KCV and it's our pleasure to introduce you to Aaron Osborne here.

Aaron (he/him) is a Kentucky native who has been enthusiastic about science and innovation from an early age. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a minor in Agriculture from Murray State University in 2016. After graduating, Aaron embarked on a career as a chemist, working in Louisville, where he honed his skills in laboratory and pilot plant settings.

Motivated by various factors, Aaron decided to transition from his role as a chemist and pursue full-time legal education. In July 2021, he relocated to Northern Kentucky to embark on this new chapter in his life. By combining his scientific background with legal studies, Aaron aspires to bridge the gap between scientific innovation and legal protection, advocating for the rights of inventors and contributing to the field of intellectual property law.

Aaron is interested in fitness, the outdoors, live music, the Bengals, and FC Cincinnati in his free time.

What got you interested in commercialization and intellectual property?

During my professional experience in Louisville, my fascination with patents and intellectual property was sparked. I made substantial contributions in the lab, becoming recognized as an inventor on a patent application. This experience opened my eyes to the importance of protecting and promoting scientific discoveries through legal means. My interest in commercialization was sparked by my time working in a pilot plant before law school; in this role, the primary purpose was bridging successful R&D projects and a successfully manufacturable product line.

What are you hoping to learn as part of the KCV internship?

I am confident that I will be able to gain hands-on experience with IP that I came to law school for and improve my understanding of the concepts that I have learned in law school as they apply to intellectual property law.

What’s your favorite aspect of the intern experience so far?

I am thoroughly excited about being able to be exposed to new technologies while helping to commercialize innovative research conducted across the Bluegrass.

What is a little-known fact about yourself?

I have been skydiving and would like to do it again.


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