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Meet Art Gooray, KCV Mentor-in-Residence

Art Gooray headshot

KCV recently welcomed Dr. Arthur (Art) Gooray as Mentor-in-Residence. We're excited to welcome Art to the team.

Art is an innovative product development specialist with excellent technology commercialization and industrial partnerships experiences with a proven record of leading focused cross-functional multinational teams for high profile, multi-million-dollar programs in highly competitive markets. Collaterally qualified by his vast experience as an adjunct professor, SBIR/STTR reviewer and grants submissions, I-CORPS Teams mentor, R&D funding requirements, and with linking companies with universities and government research laboratories. In addition, Art has practical experience with developing and executing strategic partnerships with universities, regional manufacturing partners and funding agencies to extend R&D revenues and manufacturing enterprises. Art launched products globally and set up global manufacturing sites and trained global field service engineers.

Art's vast experience has included:

  • Retired, Director, Commercialization Partnerships, Technology Commercialization Office at The Ohio State University

  • 33 years of delivering industrial technology commercialization solutions with Xerox Corp and Kodak, as a Product Development Executive. Executed multinational industrial partnerships leading to successful product platform solutions to the market

  • Over 70 patents issued

  • Developed and executed partnership model to extend the R&D and MFG enterprises

  • Assisted with establishing Professional Degree Programs in Product Development at various universities (MIT, Center for Innovation in Product Development; RIT, MS in Product Development; Wright State U, Masters in Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

  • Adjunct Prof of the Theory of Practice at many universities (Wright State U, Rochester Institute of Technology, U of Rochester), developed graduate classes on Time to Market Best Practices. Taught online courses on Technology Commercialization for NCET2.

  • For over 25 years, the Industry Key Executive to a HBCU (Howard University)

  • Mentor for I-CORPS Teams

  • SBIR/STTR and PFI panel reviewer for NSF for over 25 years. Successfully guided many SBIR/STRR/PFI applications, with emphasis on developing the market attack plan, the technology delivery plan and the commercialization plan

  • Successfully executed technology transfer between Gov’t Lab (Sandia National) and Industry (Xerox Corp)


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