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KCV Partner Institutions Receive KYNETIC Funding

Kentucky Network for Innovation and Commercialization logo - the state of Kentucky in purple with KYNETIC in white

The Kentucky Network for Innovation and Commercialization (KYNETIC) recently announced funding for eight projects from universities across the Commonwealth. Two KCV partner institutions — Western Kentucky University and Eastern Kentucky University — are among the awardees.

In this cycle, KYNETIC awarded grants of around $40,000 to each of the following research teams:

  • Daniel Boamah, Kimberly Greene and Austin Griffiths, Western Kentucky University - KCV Partner Institution

  • Jamie Fredericks, Eastern Kentucky University - KCV Partner Institution

  • Mark Fritz and Guigen Zhang, University of Kentucky

  • Jill Kolesar and Chris Richards, University of Kentucky

  • Brittany Levy, University of Kentucky

  • Christina Ralph-Nearman and Cheri Levinson, University of Louisville

  • Melissa Smith and Corey Watson, University of Louisville

  • Stuart Williams, Maxwell Boakye and Michael Voor, University of Louisville

KYNETIC supports faculty, staff, trainees and students who want to introduce their groundbreaking innovations to the marketplace to address unmet needs and benefit human health.

The KYNETIC program is funded in part through the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Research Evaluation and Commercialization Hub (REACH) program.

The goal is to advance the most promising biomedical research innovations — including pharmaceuticals, devices and apps — from the state’s eight public universities and the 16 community and technical colleges in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS).

The pre-application window for KYNETIC’s Cycle 8 is currently open. The deadline is July 18, 2023, at 5 p.m. EDT. Submit pre-applications online here.

Application support is available from KYNETIC. You can find more information online here.


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