Donika Pentcheva, JD

Intellectual Property Director

Donika Pentcheva is the Intellectual Property Director at Kentucky Commercialization Ventures (KCV), an initiative of Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation. She engages in a broad counseling practice with a particular emphasis on complex challenges involving intellectual property law.  


Donika has been registered a patent attorney in private practice and in the corporate field.  She has assisted all kinds of innovators, from independent inventors to Fortune 500 companies. Donika has also taught a law school course titled “Intellectual Property Appellate Practice.” The course was focused on legal writing and oral advocacy skills needed to appeal an intellectual property matter to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, a court created pursuant to Article III of the United States Constitution having unique, nationwide jurisdiction on a variety of subject areas, including international trade, government contracts, patents, trademarks, and certain administrative agency decisions.  


Donika has obtained degrees in engineering, mathematics, political science, and law. She was born and raised in Bulgaria before settling in the United States of America in high school.

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